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Fast Floors Co point of difference, is that we only provide High quality materials and the correct preparation
procedures that are essential to ensure the Epoxy can adhere to the surface and enhance its durable, 
longevity qualities.

We take pride in our work, which means we are continually maintaining training to ensure we are providing 
the latest in both technique and product to our end users. We aren't a mass market franchise and our old fashioned professionalism towards our craft means you benefit with the best Epoxy Coating Finish.

We also believe in a fast, yet personal service- We will work with you to provide the best options, at 
competitive prices points, with the highest of quality finishes and products.

One of the huge benefits Fast Floors Co provides is the fact we take diligence in making sure the surface
is correctly prepared prior to the Epoxy application.  

This is essential to the end result and the lifetime of the finished product. Surface preparation is so 
important in ensuring the long-lasting properties of Epoxy.  Acid washing will not suffice!

The entire process takes approximately 2-3 days.  We have outlined our process in detail below.

Fast Floors Co Preparation takes approximately 5 hours and includes:

-We will repair any cracks or diverts in the concrete surface

-Epoxy requires a sound surface- we diamond grind the surface approximately 1-2mm to assure the Epoxy      adheres 

-We utilise machinery that minimises concrete dust



Fast Floors Co Application takes approximately 1 day and includes:

-Mixing of pigments, Resin & Hardener

-Taping off and cutting in of the walls

-Microfibre roll application of the Epoxy to the floor surface and any dropedges.

-Flake application

-Epoxy is left to cure for 12-24 hours prior to sealing


Fast Floors Co Sealing Application takes approximately 4 hours & includes:

-Etching & vacuuming of excess Flake residue

-Microfibre roll application of the UV protective sealer coat is essential to complete the Epoxy flooring    system

-Epoxy Sealer is left to cure for 12 hoursprior to any walking on the surface &24 hours prior to any heavy  items on the surface

-Depending on the time of year and temperature, you can normally walk on surface within 24 – 48 hours and  drive on surface within 2 to 3 days.

Our Team
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