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FAST FLOORS EPOXY Colour Selections

Colour selections don’t need to be overwhelming; we have pieced together some tips for selecting the epoxy and flake combination for your Fast Floors Epoxy transformation!

Epoxy flooring is typically the finishing touch to your concrete floor- so we always suggest that our clients factor in some of the following points for their Epoxy Floor:

-Do you need to cover up any marks, cracks, or imperfections? Think oil stains, cracks from slab movement, damage from your build, rain damage or very tired old concrete with imperfections… this is where we typically suggest a mid grey to dark grey base colour with your flake.

-Take a look at the colours around the area to be epoxied, do you want it to blend in or stand out?

-We have tried and tested many colours, below are the best of the best for your garage epoxy flooring,  we find these combinations not only look great, but are most suitable for use too.

-Is the area prone to constant UV light? are there lots or windows or do you have your garage door open for extended periods of time (eg. Working on cars all weekend, every week end with the door open)  If you said yes, then we also suggest a mid to dark base colour over any light base colours to mask any environmental discolour, dirt and grime.

-Colours can vary from computer screen image, to phone image to “real life” depending upon lighting and the colours surrounding the epoxy floor. Epoxy is a resin and can’t be compared to characteristics of paint!  Colours vary slightly depending upon texture, your existing concrete slab and the colours surrounding may throw off other tones.  This is why we endeavour to use as many images as possible for each colour combination, to give the best representation. No two floors will ever be identical, each epoxy floor is a unique work of art.

-Don’t be afraid to use a Flake with a pop of colour for your garage floor epoxy, Ashen Teal is a popular choice!

BASE EPOXY Colour Selections

VINYL FLAKE Colour Selections

STONE FLAKE Colour Selections

Stone Flake will incur a $150 upgrade surcharge

The best place to see colour examples is our Instagram or Facebook pages

Please visit Fast Floors Epoxy Facebook and instagram

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